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The eventual winner knows she has her opponent at her mercy at last and does everything she can to let her know about it, including knocking her out! Quite a lot has happened since they have met before, so no doubt the sparks will fly here! One finally starts to tire out before an awful Boston crab has one beauty almost bent back in a C shape and she has no choice but to give up and have to hear the verbal taunts of a gloating winner! You can see it in Spirit's eyes more than once: But folks, this is why they play the game! Super sexy display as the winner posescircles, kicksand trash talks down to her victim who lays face down and whiped out on the mat beneath her! Bailey is out to make a name for herself and what a way to do it then to challenge the best!

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Surfboards, full nelsonsall types of scissors, hammer locks, a camel clutch or two:

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And we haven't even gotten to the hair pulling! To counter this Shanna attacks with a fury early on, running up a lead on the noobie with a painful bow and arrow and following up with a pin to a ten count. She was tough before but has been hitting the gym in preparation for her big return. It's anyone's match right up until the very end where one starts pulling away on points and finishes things off with a slow knock out ending. No joke, Cali's head scissors alone keep her in this match.

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