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She also knew how to repair vehicles. She quickly encountered an elderly woman named Darjawho revealed that the Seventh Sister and Fifth Brother had abducted her grandchild, Alora. Producentens pris 20 kr. A reluctant Tano agreed to rescue Kaeden and the others but warned Miara to follow her orders and bring the explosives. They were also able to locate the antidote and returned in time to save Tano, Amidala and most of the clones. In the ensuing conflict, Kenobi was trapped under a mesh of stun net that was dispatched by the Wookiee.

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For their mission, she gave Wren and the crew of the Ghost the head of an old tactical droid and sent them to the desert planet of Seelos.

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Obi-Wan Kenobi

On closer inspection, they realized the place was a battlefield with some figures turned into stone. The two engaged in combat once again and the temple locked down with a burst of energy, allowing Bridger and Jarrus to escape. She turned around to face him, and saw through the gash in his mask the charred face of her former master, confirming beyond any doubt that Vader and Skywalker were one and the same. When Skywalker unveiled the true culprit, Tano was shocked to see it was her friend Barriss Offee. Whereas Tano was eager to prove herself, Skywalker had a reputation for recklessness, and they had a rather difficult start as Master and apprentice. Determining that they were most likely on MustafarTano and Skywalker set out immediately to the volcanic planet.

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